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Aren't you sick of the emotional vomit?

Aren't you exhausted by the neediness? Are you going to remain a slave to anxiety, depression, sickness, pain, and self-medication until you die? Aren’t you fed up? Aren’t you tired of feeling sick, ashamed, harassed, and utterly powerless?

You’re not “doing something wrong,” you just don’t have the right tools.


It’s never too late to be healed.

Here's what you'll get in the Sacred Healing Masterclass

  • Discern the pattern in your most painful relationships, difficult circumstances, and self-destructive habits. "As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly" (Prov 26:11). Why do you keep self-medicating and being hurt over and over in the same ways?

  • Uncover the root and understand the biological process of anxiety and fear. Anxiety, fear, depression: without awareness, there can be no freedom (Jn 8:32). Brain research reveals that toxic, negative thoughts and emotions are predictable, controllable, transformable, and healable, even after long-term habits of painful negativity!

  • Isolate and target the root wound. Once you discern your pattern, you can target the wound that drives all your worst habits and behaviors, all of which are rooted in this wound (2 Cor 6).

  • Identify and permanently remove blocks to healing. Why haven't a million Bible studies and/or daily Masses, years of therapy, and multiplying deliverance prayers given you permanent relief? Blocks to healing are strongholds; you need precision spiritual weapons to remove them (1 John 4:18).

  • Experience inner healing. It’s a biological fact that love heals. Guided exercises will help you see and experience Jesus’ love in your deepest hurt and fear, expose lies that keep you in pain and bondage, and receive the truth of your identity in Christ (John 1:18).

  • Relieve chronic pain and other physical symptoms of "dis-ease" by listening to the information your symptoms are communicating through a body-based healing approach that also helps you release stored and compacted fight-or-flight energy in the body. "When the eye is single, the body is full of light" (Matt 6:22).

  • Understand why you feel so needy, and learn what it means to be cherished: how to direct your neediness properly so that it can be satisfied (Gen 3). Working with - rather than against - the primary human need that drives addiction, anxiety, depression, toxic relationships, and cycles of “drama” stops such compulsions.

  • Outgrow destructive coping mechanisms. You know, like guilt. Shame. Sugar. Wine. You can't control destructive coping mechanisms. You know that by now, right? Let's learn new tools for coping and outgrow the destructive ones (Psalm 4:4).

  • Erect proper boundaries and learn to guard your peace. The biblical commands to "love your enemies," and "forgive those who trespass against you" do not include letting others abuse you. Abuse is sin; charity demands boundaries for yourself and them (Matt 18).

  • Learn the difference between mother and father wounds, and how to heal from them. Mother wounds involve existence, while father wounds involve identity. Both influence how or whether we experience the love of God (CCC 2779).

  • Find help for body shaming and sexual wounds, and deconstruct the cycle of persistent body image problems that lead to painful intimacy issues (John 1:14).

  • Receive focused healing prayer. Once the blocks to healing are removed, thought patterns are re-routed, emotions are healing and transforming, the roots of physical issues are identified, and faith is restored and strengthened, healing prayer in the Name of Jesus can fully restore physical well-being.

  • Formulate a long-term strategy for healing in thoughts, emotions, body, and soul. We’ll seal your healing, then guard and deepen it, long-term, with a complete set of new tools (1 Thess 5:23).

Interactive workbook and guide.

Only love heals, and the only effective approach to healing includes emotions, thoughts, soul, and body (Mark 12:31-32). This masterclass is packed with 10+ hours of Sonja’s video content and Church resources on healing the heart, soul, mind, and body; including a Step-by-Step Guide to Working through “Pop Quizzes,” an Anxiety Checklist, and a supportive healing community, all according to Catholic teaching, Carmelite spirituality, and the latest science in physics, neuroscience, and somatic psychology. You will experience healing through this masterclass, and what you learn will dispose you for love – heart, soul, mind, and strength – for the rest of your life.


ACES – Adverse Childhood Experiences
Compassionate Inquiry
Discipleship Deliverance
Encounter School of Ministry
Internal Family Systems
JPII Healing Center Ministry Training
Love Theory
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
Somatic Experiencing

Church Documents

Savifici Doloris
Veritatis Splendor
Instruction on Prayers for Healing
Theology of the Body
Summa Theologiae
Catechism of the Catholic Church


How Sonja is different:

Deliverance ministry concentrates on spiritual freedom without dealing deeply with emotional roots or long-term solutions.

Therapy focuses on cognitive and emotional healing without addressing, or even acknowledging in most cases, the essential spiritual components of healing.

Healing ministries approach healing as an event. They offer brief, one-time healing prayers or services, but no long-term strategies for the process of continued healing, and they often cite a “lack of faith” as the impediment to full immediate healing.

Coaching is motivational and life-goal driven, while accompanying participants long-term and requiring a substantial, long-term financial commitment.

Spiritual direction is an accompanying ministry that centers on prayer and is rarely equipped to address the whole person and all the necessary issues.

Because there are precious gems of truth in all of these approaches, Sonja honors and combines them all, addresses physical healing where others don't, and offers biblical long-term strategies that participants can use to continue their long-term healing unto complete healing in the Holy Spirit.

Consider the cost, but the Sacred Healing Masterclass is an investment in your spiritual life that you will not regret. After all, what is the value of full healing and freedom?

Compare to In-person Consultations

In an important, preparatory way, the Sacred Healing Masterclass is better than in-person consultations, which are targeted to the individual's relationships and circumstances. While "individual" sounds better because specific targeting is focused, a lot of foundational Christian truth is assumed and applied in in-person consults without explanation.

The Masterclass provides the general context of fundamental truth for specific targeting to be most effective and understood long-term. The best option for fullest healing is both the Masterclass and in-person consultation. But if only one option is possible, the Sacred Healing Masterclass is the way to go.


"Bottom line in all this - I don't think there is really any one source - not even [xxx] - where the teaching is nearly strong enough or passionate enough ... in fact, what you are teaching within your Master Class is still the best Catholic focused teaching I have seen - so well thought out and comprehensive in its approach while being grounded in Catholic teachings - and I continue to recommend it to those who ask me." Julie, Certified Spiritual Director

"Sonja, this class, girl. Wow. It’s amazing. Thank you for sharing your gift." Diana, Masterclass participant

"Well 'The Body Knows' had me bawling. This series is seriously life-changing stuff...this is beyond transformative. I am so in awe of God right now, and I am so thankful for this class and this community. Sonja, thank you for your continued fiat." Samantha, Masterclass participant

"I did 'normal' psychiatrist therapy for 10+ years about 20 yrs ago. In the past 2 months I've done about half the course and also had 1 session (of 4) with Sonja and I've gotten more out of the course and session with Sonja." Max, Masterclass participant

"I highly recommend Sonja’s MC. I have been going to a therapist for a while now. He is a devout Catholic. It has been good for me but the things I’m learning in Sonja’s MC has taken it to the next level. I often bring up things that Sonja has taught in the MC and his response has always been, “she’s absolutely right!” At this point if I had to choose between going to a therapist or taking the MC the MC would hands down be my choice. It will give you the tools to get over this current “bump” in your life and be there for the next one. Because we all know there will be a next one :-) The value of the MC greatly out weighs its cost." Diane, Masterclass participant

"I highly recommend the master class! I have found it way more helpful than therapy. what makes it so powerful is that it teaches you how to go back and identify the deep wounds in your life and the unhealthy patterns you have developed to cope in order to protect yourself. You learn how to not only identify the patterns but how to work through the wounds and begin the processes of healing and learning new and healthy habits. You learn how to set boundaries, healthy ways to deal with stress, how to identify the lies of the evil one that you may have accepted and how to renounce these lies and to begin to accept the truth of who you are, a beloved daughter of God. This is a whole body healing, mind, body and spirit and you do it with the help of our Lord, the sacraments and the community. I also love that I can go back and listen to each talk over and over if needed. There is so much here I could go on and on! The class has been so powerful in my life that my husband signed up to take it as well!"
Meg, Masterclass participant

"Sonja’s Master Class is a 'gem.' It’s really been helping me to get to the roots of things in my life as well as the why’s of things. I love the self-paced aspect and the unlimited and lifetime respects you can do on themes that Sonja covers. Therapy has its place; I’ve done some that was good and some that wasn’t. It’s seems that the MC is the 'primer' for total self knowledge and healing. It’s a gem 💎." Sabine, Masterclass participant

"I highly recommend the Master Class. There are several classes I have repeatedly listened too as it helped me to go from my head to my heart. You will have continued access and handouts you can refer back to too, to help you walk through as you experience pop quizzes. You can also share and talk with others who too are taking the classes. You can read what helped them. You can ask questions and members will respond. I’m going to guess it would be like individual and group therapy together. Best part is we all share a love of Jesus, Mary, St. Joseph, God, Holy Spirit and countless other Saints and Angels and share how they accompany us on our walk. Not sure if you would get that in therapy or not." Susan, Masterclass participant

"I, too, discerned for a bit before signing up for Sonja's masterclass. The Holy Spirit had already led me through quite a bit of healing, and when I read the list of what I'd learn from the masterclass, I could see that I had already walked through the top half of the list with the Holy Spirit. But the bottom half I had not, and since I had been praying for help to understand my physical symptoms, I decided to enroll. Honestly, the cost is worth it to me just for the help I'm getting on the physical illnesses alone. But what is really cool is that as I am listening to the videos on the other areas that the Holy Spirit led me through already, I am getting confirmation along with learning some new tools that are helping me on this journey. I am very grateful to Sonja's "YES" to the Holy Spirit because He is reaching me through her." Katherine, Masterclass participant

"Considering this investment of your time and treasure? 🤔 … think about the experience of Spiritual Direction, Therapy and Retreats lead by Retreat Masters… from what I have experienced, what Sonja is offering is a kind of hybrid of these 3. A good and faithful Spiritual therapist is known to charge upwards of $250 an hour…a lay Spiritual Director who commits to the strenuous work of becoming educated and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the faith including as it relates in all ways to humanity AND dedicated to living a life UNDER SCRUTINY themselves of authentic holiness charges anything from $0 (those who are fortunate to be self sustaining having a substantial inheritance or other financial means) to $125/hour. Finally - to participate in a multi-day/weekend group retreat generally costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $450+ (no one-on-one time or perhaps a limited sign-up list for maybe 20-30 minutes one-on-one time). … When you consider all of that and that you are experiencing these teachings DIRECTLY from Sonja who you can see works her lil fanny off on our behalf and from whom you are getting a WHOLE LOT for FREE… you will see this as a VERY worthwhile investment and one for whom the primary beneficiary is YOU (AND your FAMILY, your CO-WORKERS, your FRIENDS and everyone who relies on you or who comes in contact with you…) TALK to God… If you need to save up and can DO… if you need to speak to your spouse DO IT, you may be surprised how much they are willing to sacrifice to see you pursue your healing AND benefit themselves because of it… if you don’t have the means PRAY on it. 🙏🏽 The good God knows what you need… ✝️" Lesa, Masterclass participant